If there’s one bright spot in this year’s elections, it’s the huge impact that marijuana ballot measures are having on young voter turnout.  According to a Field Poll, people under 30 made up 6.5% of the California electorate in 2006, the last midterm.  This year, PPP says that they will make up 11% of likely California voters — much higher than anywhere else in the country.  That’s due in large part to the presence of Prop 19 on the ballot, which has an unheard of 94% awareness rate among people in the age group.    And those voters are breaking 2:1 for Boxer and Brown.

Ironically, a measure that both Boxer and Brown oppose could mean their margin of victory.

Arizona, Oregon and South Dakota also have medical marijuana measures on the ballot, which have received far less attention.  These initiatives are being run by people who are really committed state grassroots activists, but they are seriously understaffed and under resourced.  So Just Say Now volunteered to help all of them — as well as the Prop 19 campaign — with our phone banking, event, fundraising and email tools.

Additionally, the tireless Michael Whitney and Brian Sonenstein have redesigned the South Dakota and Oregon websites, which launch today.  As someone who has run a website for years, I can attest to the fact that it’s really expensive (and difficult) to put together a suite of good tools and competent tech people, and the world is full of unscrupulous vendors who will clean you out and screw it all up.  So we figured one of the best ways we could help all the campaigns out would be to use the donations we’ve received through Just Say Now to help them trick out their websites, communicate with supporters and all-around maximize their online efforts.

Oregon: Before and After
South Dakota: Before and After

So if you’ve bought a T-shirt from the Just Say Now store, or you’ve given a donation to the Just Say Now campaign, take a spin at the new South Dakota Measure 13 and Oregon Measure 74 websites and have a look at your handiwork.  Because your support made it possible.