Members of Students for Sensible Drug Policy in San Francisco this weekend for the group’s West Coast Conference are calling young voters for Proposition 19. We’re livestreaming the students calling voters live from Yes on 19′s campaign headquarters in Oakland, CA.

This weekend is the start of Just Say Now’s big push to call young voters for Prop 19. We’ve already made more than 4,000 calls this weekend – that’s amazing. Thanks so much for your support to legalize marijuana in California.

Here’s a live video feed of SSDP members calling for Prop 19 – you can join them. Just go to Just Say Now’s online phone bank tool, log in with your email address or Facebook account, and start calling. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s so critical if we want to legalize marijuana on November 2

Start calling voters for Prop 19 right now with Just Say Now.