Yes on Measure 74Over the weekend, nine Oregon police officers were accused of fighting against Measure 74, the state’s ballot initiative to regulate medical marijuana by providing safe access with dispensaries in the state. It is illegal for officers in Oregon to engage in any sort of electioneering. From Southern Oregon’s Mail Tribune:

Oregon officials are casting a wider net over allegations that law enforcement officers statewide violated election laws when they discussed Measure 74, the medical marijuana initiative.

On Friday, Sgt. Erik Fisher of the Oregon State Police drug-enforcement section became part of a Secretary of State investigation based on a complaint filed by Williams resident Laird Funk. He specifically cited comments made by Fisher in articles in the Mail Tribune and Eugene Register-Guard.

Previously, a complaint had been filed against Medford Police Chief Randy Schoen, Medford Assistant Chief Tim George and Medford Lt. Tim Doney. In all, nine Oregon police officers have been accused of campaigning against the measure.

Others on the complaint list received by the Secretary of State’s office include police chiefs in Gold Beach, Brookings and Keizer, the Deschutes County sheriff and a police detective in Grants Pass.

The officers are accused of making statements against Measure 74, including one officer who baselessly stated that Oregon would “become the source for the illegal marijuana trade throughout the country.” That job, of course, is held by the Mexican drug cartels, which get 60% of their profits from the sale of marijuana in the US.

Sound familiar, by the way? South Dakota’s state police were also accused this month of fighting Measure 13, the ballot initiative to bring medical marijuana to South Dakota patients.

While the latest polls show an uphill battle for Measure 74, there’s still time to help. Oregon is a vote-by-mail state, so if you’re in Oregon: find your ballot, mark “Yes” on Measure 74, and drop it off at a ballot box by 8pm tonight! If you’re not in Oregon but want to help pass Measure 74, call Oregon voters now and make sure they turn in their ballots!