While President Obama won’t discuss the results of tonight’s brutal election until an afternoon press conference, one part of his Administration already commented on the results of Proposition 19, California’s initiative to legalize marijuana.

Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske issued a two-sentence statement applauding the defeat of Prop 19:

“Today, Californians recognized that legalizing marijuana will not make our citizens healthier, solve California’s budget crisis, or reduce drug related violence in Mexico,” read the statement. “The Obama administration has been clear in its opposition to marijuana legalization because research shows that marijuana use is associated with voluntary treatment admissions for addiction, fatal drugged driving accidents, mental illness and emergency room admissions.”

Aside from none of that being true, it’s clear that the Obama Administration will continue to stand in the way of marijuana legalization efforts in 2012. The drug warriors are dug in, and will keep their $1 trillion war going at all costs.

Don’t forget to catch the video Just Say Now’s petition delivery to Kerlikowske to end the war on marijuana.