Today could be our last chance to bring medical marijuana to New York for another year, and many patients across the state just can’t wait that long.

Lacking only a few supporting votes in the New York State Senate, a bill known as S. 8427 would legalize the possession of prescribed medical marijuana for patients suffering from terminal and debilitating disease.

S. 8427 could be brought up for a vote during today’s special session, so we sent the email below to Just Say Now supporters, urging them to write to their state senators in support of this bill.

If you live in New York state, click here to write a letter to the state senate to pass S. 8427.

Hey -

This is really urgent — today might be our last chance to bring medical marijuana to New York patients!

We are so close to having enough votes to to legalize medical marijuana in New York State, but a few key members of the State Senate are still holding out. It’s unclear if the bill will get a vote today, but we need you to speak out for medical marijuana no matter what.

Albany needs to hear that you support medical marijuana in our state. Click here to write the State Senate an email to ask for their support of S. 8427 to bring medical marijuana to New York patients.

Today’s special session in the state legislature might be our last hope to bring relief to patients in New York for another year.

Patients in New York just can’t wait any longer for their medicine. Criminalizing treatment for our sickest fellow citizens is wrong and inhumane, and it’s up to us to push our senators to do the right thing.

We need 32 state senators to support a compassionate choice for those suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS, MS and other, debilitating diseases in our state. But a few members are still on the fence, and need to hear from us before it’s too late if this bill comes up for a vote today.

Stand up for New York patients. Click here to write an email to the NY State Senate in support of medical marijuana.

Thanks for all you do to help end the war on marijuana.

Michael Whitney