Pew Poll Finds Highest Support for Marijuana Legalization Yet

Support among Americans for legalizing marijuana continues to grow steadily and has reached its highest level of support ever recorded in a Pew poll. There is now only the barest of majorities (50 percent) that want marijuana to remain illegal, while 45 percent of the country believe it should be made legal.

If this current trend of the past few decades continues, it could be just two or three years before Pew polling starts finding a majority of Americans in support of legalizing marijuana. And looking at the age breakdown of the poll, there is every reason to believe the trend will continue.

Support for legalization in the poll is highly correlated to age, with young people most supportive of legalization, and those over 65 most strongly opposed. As this older generation is naturally replaced by a young one, opposition to marijuana legalization should continue to drop.

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