Local organizers in Oregon have begun the push to gather the required 87,213 signatures to put the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012 (OCTA 2012) on the ballot in 2012, now that the petition has been approved by the Secretary of State. From KATU:

If supporters can get the initiative on the ballot and approved by voters, it would allow any adult over 21 to buy pot at a state licensed store or grow it in Oregon.

Supporters of the idea say it would generate hundreds of millions of dollars for the state each year.

Chief petitioner, Paul Stanford, has been leading the effort to legalize marijuana in Oregon since 1984. This time he said he thinks even the name of the measure will get people to pay attention: “The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act.”

Getting sufficient signatures to put an initiative on the ballot is a very difficult task, but there is a good chance that groups in a few state will succeed in getting marijuana legalization questions on the ballot.