(photo: O'Dea)

The Obama administration’s multi-agency war against medical marijuana seems to now be expanding almost daily. The newest front in this war is threats directed at media organizations that allow medical marijuana dispensaries to advertise. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

A U.S. attorney in Southern California says she is preparing to go after newspapers, radio stations and other media outlets that advertise medical marijuana dispensaries, an escalation in the Obama administration’s newly invigorated war against the state’s pot industry.


U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy, whose district includes Imperial and San Diego counties, said marijuana advertising is the next area she’s “going to be moving onto as part of the enforcement efforts in Southern California.”

Federal law prohibits people from placing ads for illegal drugs and despite medical marijuana having been legalized at the state level it is still listed as a Schedule I substance by the federal government.

If the U.S Attorney follows through with this threat it could raise serious First Amendment issues, but the threat alone will probably cause some media companies to decide it is not worth the risk or the cost of fighting a lengthy legal battle.

This is just another front in the Obama administration multi-prong effort to cripple medical marijuana with legal actions both large and small.