Gov. Dannel P. Malloy (D-RI)

There is a decent chance that Connecticut will finally approve the use of marijuana for medical purposes this year. Yesterday Connecticut House Bill 5389 received a public hearing in the state House Judiciary Committee and many of the law’s sponsors think it has a good chance of being approved this year. From the New Haven Register (to read more about the hearing):

Medical marijuana supporters gathered at the capitol Wednesday to advocate for legalization of a drug they say is their only option and, according to several legislators, the bill may pass this session.

“For some reason, even though this is a short session, I think this is the year,” Enfield Republican state Sen. John Kissel said.

Several times in the past Connecticut has come close to approving a medical marijuana law but so far has come up short. In 2007, the legislature even approved a medical marijuana bill but it was ultimately killed by a veto from then Republican Governor Mary Jodi Rell.

Now that Connecticut has a more marijuana reform friendly governor, Democrat Dannel P. Malloy, there is a good chance HB 5389 will be both approved and signed into law.  Last year Malloy signed into law a marijuana decriminalization bill and in the past stated that he supports the general concept of medical marijuana.