An incredible three-fourths of American voters want President Obama to stop using federal resources to crack down on state medical marijuana programs, according to a new Mason-Dixon poll sponsored by the Marijuana Policy Project.

Mason-Dixon 5/10-14
Do you feel President Obama should: (ORDER ROTATED)
- Respect the medical marijuana laws in these states, or
- Use federal resources to arrest and prosecute individuals who  are acting in compliance with state medical marijuana laws?
74% Respect State Laws
15% Prosecute Fed Law
11% Not Sure

The desire for the federal government to leave states alone when it comes to medical marijuana is strong across the political spectrum, with a solid majority of Democrats (75%), Independents (79%) and Republicans (67%) all feeling President Obama should respect state laws.  In addition, a solid majority of every age group, race and gender think state medical marijuana laws should be respected by the federal government.

Not surprisingly, national support for the federal government leaving state medical marijuana programs alone closely matches the national support for medical marijuana in general. Clearly the American people think medical marijuana has value and the government shouldn’t stop sick people from obtaining it.

Unfortunately since Obama took office the executive branch has waged an aggressive multi-agency war on medical marijuana. Most observers have concluded that the federal crackdown on state medical marijuana programs under Obama has been worse than any other recent president, including George W. Bush.

Obama has claimed that his administration must go after any state medical marijuana system because it is against federal law.  But in reality the Controlled Substance Act gives the executive branch the authority to unilaterally reschedule cannabis to make it legal for medical purposes. This action would not require Congressional approval and would finally bring federal law on medical marijuana in accordance with the overwhelming wishes of the electorate.