A strong majority of registered voters in New York want their legislature to legalize the use of medical marijuana in the state, according to a new poll by Siena College. Nearly twice as many voters support medical marijuana as oppose it.

Siena College 5/6-10
Do you support or oppose legalizing the use of medical marijuana in New York State?
57% support
33% Oppose
8% Don’t have enough information
2% Don’t Know/No opinion

Looking at the crosstabs, medical marijuana has broad support from the entire population of the state. A majority of every age group, gender, geographic region, religious group and income bracket supports the state legalizing medical marijuana. The only group with a plurality opposed is Republicans with 46 percent against and 44 percent for.

Currently there is a bipartisan effort underway in the state capital to approve medical marijuana before this legislative session ends, but Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo has been rather dismissive of the bill.   One can only hope this new poll showing that the voters overwhelming support medical marijuana will spur the state government to finally act on this issue and provide relief to those in need.