The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act initiative has officially qualified for the November ballot, according to the Oregon Secretary of State office. If approved by voters the initiative would make both marijuana and industrial hemp legal under state law. Marijuana would be legalized for adults over the age of 21, and the initiative would allow the commercial sale of marijuana through highly regulated state-licensed stores.

The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act will appear on the ballot as “Measure 80.” The vast majority of the tax revenue generated by the sale of marijuana would go to the state general fund. Eight percent of the money raised as a result of the initiative would be set aside for drug treatment and education programs. An additional two percent would be used to promote hemp products.

A survey from earlier this month by Public Policy Polling found Oregon voters closely divided on the issue of marijuana legalization. According to the poll 43 percent of Oregon voters think the use of marijuana should be legal, while 46 percent think marijuana should be illegal.

This makes Oregon now the third state this year to have a marijuana legalization initiative qualify for the November ballot. It joins Washington State and Colorado, both of which had legalization initiatives qualify for their respective ballots earlier in the cycle.