Colorado’s Amendment 64, which would legalize and regulate marijuana like alcohol, continues to hold a steady lead in recent polling. A new poll by Public Policy Polling found that when Colorado voters were asked about the actual ballot language for the measure, 47 percent said they were for it while just 38 percent said they were against it and 15 percent were undecided.

This is completely unchanged since last month, when PPP asked the same question. In early August Amendment 64 polled at 47 percent for to 38 percent against.

Being able to hold onto a steady nine point lead is good news for the campaign. In general support for ballot initiatives tends to drop as it gets closer to the election, but if Amendment 64 can simply maintain its current level of support it stands a decent chance of narrowly passing this November.

In this poll, in addition to asking the actual ballot question, PPP also decided to ask the the generic question, “in general, do you think marijuana should be legal or illegal.” When asked this question 49 percent of voters said they thought it should be legal and 43 percent said they thought it should be illegal, with 9 percent not sure.

Most likely almost everyone who says they oppose marijuana legalization in general will end up voting against Amendment 64, but voters opposed to marijuana legalization are only a minority in the state.

As almost always happens there are some people who say they support a concept in the abstract but may oppose an actual piece of legalization because of its specifics. Fortunately for the Amendment 64 campaign in this instance that appears to be a very small issue.