Amendment 64, which would legalize and regulate marijuana for adults in the state of Colorado received a significant boast yesterday. The largest labor union in the state, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) Local 7, recently endorsed the ballot initiative.

With roughly 25,000 members in the state the union has the potential to be extremely helpful to the campaign by both swaying undecided union members and helping to get out the vote. Currently, the initiative is polling at just around 50 percent support which means the election is going to be extreme tight. Potentially just a few thousand votes could make the different between it narrowly winning approval or being rejected by the electorate this November.

The reason the UFCW local choice to endorse marijuana legalization is simple. They understand that once marijuana is legalized it will take the profits away for criminal organization and instead the money will create legitimate jobs and tax paying businesses. According to the Kim Cordova, president of the UFCW local 7, “By taking marijuana off the streets and putting it in retail stores, we can stop steering money toward gangs and drug cartels, and start directing it toward legitimate, job-producing Colorado businesses.”

With each new politician, organization and labor union that publicly endorses marijuana legalization the stigma that once surrounded the issue farther erodes. While only a two decade ago marijuana legalization was politically unthinkable it has now being viewed as a serious policy considerations.

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