I-502 logo in Washington

With less than a week until election day, Initiative 502, which would legalize and regulation marijuana in Washington state for adults, maintains a solid lead in the latest polling. The new SurveyUSA/KING 5 poll finds that a large majority plan to, or already have, voted in support of legalizing marijuana.

Washington State – Initiative 502
SurveyUSA (10/28-31)
Yes 56%
No 37%
Not Sure 7%

Support for the I-502 has remained remarkably consistent in SurveyUSA’s polling throughout this election cycle. This new poll is basically unchanged from their poll two weeks ago which found it lead 55 percent to 36 percent.

While some pollsters have found I-502 with a smaller single-digit advantage, every public poll released in the past month has found the yes side in the lead.

With just five days until the election, Initiative 502′s chance of winning approval looks extremely good.