New Hampshire State House

The legal use of medical marijuana in New Hampshire just took a big step towards becoming a reality today. The New Hampshire House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved HB 573 in a 286 to 64 vote.

The bill would allow people with certain serious medical conditions to use medical marijuana if they get a doctor’s recommendation. Patients and caregivers would be required to register with the state. Patients would be allowed to grow up to three plants. The law would also allow for the creation of five non-profit alternative treatment centers where qualified patients could get access to medical marijuana.

Now that the bill has passed the House it moves on to the Senate where its chances of passage appear very good. Both the House and Senate approved a similar medical marijuana bill back in 2012 but it was vetoed by then Governor John Lynch (D). Lynch has since been replaced by Gov. Maggie Hassan (D). The new governor is a supporter of medical marijuana, having voted for it while serving in the state legislature.

If all goes as expected medical marijuana will soon be legal in New Hampshire.