Americans overwhelmingly believe drunk driving is a much bigger danger than driving while high on marijuana. According to a new Fox News poll, 51 percent think it is more dangerous to drive a car after drinking than after smoking marijuana. An additional 35 percent said they think both activities are equally dangerous, while just 4 percent think driving while high is more dangerous than driving drunk.

It is pleasantly surprising to see popular opinion aligns so closely with the scientific research. The research clearly shows drunk driving is the more dangerous of the two activities.

It should be noted that operating a motor vehicle while actually intoxicated by any substance, be it legal drug, prescription drug or illegal drug, is both dangerous and against that law. That said, the nature of alcohol intoxication makes is particularly dangerous to get behind the wheel. Alcohol, even in moderate doses, makes people less risk averse  which cause problems in addition to the actual impairment.

It would appears that regular Americans are starting to really get the message that in many ways marijuana is safer than alcohol.

Photo by Cayusa under Creative Commons license