Washington Liquor Control Board No Longer Recommends Ban on Medical Marijuana Home Growing

The Washington State Liquor Control Board has made one notable improvement to its recommendations regarding changes to the state’s medical marijuana system now that marijuana will be legal. The board no longer suggests a ban on medical marijuana patients growing marijuana at home.

The draft recommendations originally called for a prohibition on all home growing by patients. This move seemed unwise given that we still don’t know how the federal government will respond to the opening of retail shops. Also, some patients have spent years finding the strain that works best for them and there is no guarantee these strains would be commercially available.

The agency appears to have listened to its critics, the final recommendations now suggest limiting patients to possessing six plants, just like in Colorado. The agency still suggests eliminating collective gardens. This is an improvement from the draft recommendations but still more restrictive than current law which allows patients to grow up to 15 plants.

These are only recommendations. It is ultimately up to the state legislature to decide whether or how to change the state’s medical marijuana law going forward.

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