It now looks like the people of Alaska will soon be voting on whether to legalize and regulate marijuana. The Alaska Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol has gathered enough signatures that their initiative should likely qualify for the 2014 August primary ballot. From KTUU:

A representative with the “Campaign to Regulate Marijuana” (CRM) said Wednesday petitioners have collected 44,845 signatures. State law requires 31,169 names for a petition to go before voters. Those working with the campaign say they’re working toward an internal goal of more than 45,000 signatures before they formally submit the petition.

Assuming there is not some unusually high signature rejection rate or other legal issue, the initiative is very likely qualify for the ballot.

The measure closely mirrors Amendment 64 which was approve last year in Colorado. It would make it legal under state law for people 21 and over to possess up to an ounce of marijuana. The law would allow limited home growing and set up a system of regulated marijuana stores.

The last time a legalization initiative appeared on the ballot in Alaska was in 2004. That initiative failed 44.3 yes to 55.7 no. Since 2004 though national support for legalization has grown by roughly 20 points.

Photo by eggrole under Creative Commons license