With the first legal recreational marijuana set to be sold January 1st, the city of Denver has launched a new marijuana website to explain their new marijuana laws to residents, businesses, and tourists alike.

You go can go to www.colorado.gov/marijuanainfodenver to get most of your questions answers regarding what is and is not allowed within the city.

Denver is the biggest city in the state and one of few large localities to not put in place a temporary moratorium against retail marijuana stores. As a result it will likely get much of the early pot tourism to the state.

The new site answers many of the questions that would be most important to tourists. Ranging from how much a non-resident can buy at a time, “Non-residents can purchase up to ΒΌ ounce at a time.” to whether or not you can smoke at a hotel, “It is up to the discretion of the hotel if it allows marijuana smoke to be consumed in their smoking rooms.”

It is a useful resource for anyone planning to visit the Denver next year.