Denver airport officials will try to stop legal Colorado marijuana from leavin’ on a jet plane

Starting tomorrow you will be able to buy legal recreational marijuana at several stores in Denver, Colorado –  but don’t try to bring it to the Denver airport. Officials have decided to ban marijuana possession anywhere on airport grounds. From the  Denver Post:

Denver International Airport will be the first city facility to prohibit marijuana possession on all of its property as it attempts to combat illegal interstate trafficking in the face of federal law.

Airport officials plan to begin enforcing the new policy, which is the furthest-reaching among the city’s marijuana limitations, in early January. [...]

“We talked to all of (the federal agencies involved), and they’ve expressed concern for good reason, but it was our decision based on the way the airport operates,” said Stacey Stegman, DIA spokeswoman. “We didn’t want to impact other airports and other agencies, and we didn’t want to facilitate transporting marijuana across state lines.”

The airport is not going to actively look for marijuana but if you have it on you there is a good chance it could be discovered as part of the security screening process.

The move is understandable given that while marijuana is legal under Colorado law there is basically nowhere else you can fly to where marijuana is also legal.

The Department of Justice previously indicated that they will take a more hands off approach regarding states’ marijuana laws as long as the states meet certain priorities, like preventing divergence to states where it is still illegal. This is part of preventing the legal marijuana from leaving the state.