Recreational marijuana stores opened in Colorado last week

Last week the country got their first real look at what legal recreational marijuana sales are going to be like, and seems to have responded positively. A new CNN/ORC poll, taken since the first pot shops opened in Colorado, found 55 percent of Americans believe the use of marijuana should be legal, while only 44 percent think it should be illegal.

This is a massive surge in support in just the past few years. The last time CNN/ORC polled on the issue was back in 2012. Less than two years ago their polling found only 43 percent wanted to legalize marijuana and 49 wanted it to remain illegal.

The poll also asked if people thought the sale of marijuana should be legal and that was supported 54/45. The American public realized it is silly to legalize the use of marijuana without creating a regulated system for people to legally obtain it.

This is latest major pollster confirming that the nation wants reform. Last year both Pew Research and Gallup found a majority back making cannabis legal.

Support for continuing marijuana prohibition is clearly a minority position and one that is likely to becoming increasingly fringe over the next few years.