It is now almost guaranteed that the people of Alaska will vote on marijuana legalization this August. If the initiative is approve it would make Alaska the third state to take this step.

According to the Anchorage Daily News the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana in Alaska turned in roughly 46,000 to get their initiative on the August 19th primary ballot. This is safely in excess of the 30,169 valid signatures the initiative needs under Alaska law. Barring some unusually higher error rate or legal change the initiative should make it on the ballot.

The initiative is closely modeled on the new law in Colorado. It would legalize possession of up to an ounce of marijuana for adults and allow them to grow a limited amount at home. It would also have the state created a regulate system for the commercial growth and sale of marijuana within the state. Initiative includes a local option which would allow municipalities to ban marijuana business within their communities.

While Alaska may seem like a strange target as the next state to legalize marijuana, it has a strong libertarian streak and by far the youngest population in the country. Only 8.5 percent of the state is over the age of 65 compared to a national average of 13.7 percent. Polling shows young people tend be the most supportive of marijuana reform.