A clear majority of Americans think marijuana should be legal but many in the country remain unsure about how this change should happen.

The latest release from the CNN/ORC poll found 33 percent already consider Colorado’s particular model for legalization a good idea while 29 percent think it is a bad idea. An incredible 37 percent of Americans are waiting to see what happens in Colorado before passing judgement on this system of regulation. Many are sold on the idea that marijuana prohibition is bad but are still not sure how legalization should work.

Colorado’s system of legalized marijuana for adults over 21 with licensed private retail stores is only one of numerous ways marijuana could be legalized. Theoretical options range from lifting almost all restriction, making marijuana as readily available and cheap as french fries, to restricting its sale to only government-run stores, like several states do for hard alcohol.

Colorado has become a laboratory and the country honestly wants to see what happens when they run this experiment without interference. The poll found an overwhelming 70 percent of Americans oppose the idea of federal agents enforcing federal marijuana laws in Colorado.