Legalized marijuana in Colorado has made the 420 mile highway marker an endangered species

Apparently people excited about marijuana legalization in Colorado have stolen an excessive number of state signs with the number “420″ on them. The problem was so bad the state decided to replace the 420 mile marker on the highway with a 419.99 mile marker. From the Denver Post:

After sticky-fingered stoners repeatedly swiped the marker for the 420th mile, the state Department of Transportation resorted to desperate measures. Colorado, say hello to Mile 419.99.

CDOT spokeswoman Amy Ford confirmed Friday that a photo of the unusual mile-marker sign floating around the Internet is real. She said the fractional sign was put up within the past year. The Google Street View image for the 420th mile of I-70 — along a desolate stretch of prairie just east of Stratton — still shows a Mile 420 marker.

The world is watching Colorado right now and stealing government property doesn’t exactly make the movement look good. Reform proponents are try to save the government money.

That said, I have been closely following the news out of Colorado all year and this is really one of the only stories about any provable negative consequence for the state government. If the worst that happens is a few stolen highway markers I would say legalization is going very well.

Photo by cokescroaks under creative commons license