Rock arch near Moab, Utah

Even in deep red Utah, the fifth most conservative state in the country, a majority of adults think medical marijuana should be legal.

According to a new SurveyUSA poll for The Salt Lake Tribune, 51 percent of adults in Utah think the state should legalize marijuana for medical use, while 41 percent oppose medical marijuana.

This poll means that President Obama is officially more conservative than even the people of Utah on the issue of medical marijuana. The executive branch has the explicit authority to unilaterally legalize medical marijuana under federal law by removing it from Schedule I. In fact the administration technically has the responsibility to reschedule marijuana in light of scientific research showing marijuana has medical benefits so it does not belong in Schedule I. Despite ample evidence indicating marijuana has medical uses, the Obama administration has actively fought every effort to force the administration to reschedule marijuana.

The poll also found that on the issue of legalizing recreational marijuana Utah is well to the right off the rest of the country. According to the survey only 27 percent of the state supported legalizing recreational use while 67 percent want to keep it illegal. By comparison a recent CNN poll found 55 percent of American adults want to legalize recreational marijuana.

Photo by Harold, used under Creative Commons license