Support for legalization does not just appear to growing, it’s accelerating.

CBS News has become the latest national pollster to find that a majority of Americans now support marijuana legalization. According to their new poll, 51 percent of Americans think the use of marijuana should be legal while only 44 percent want it to remain illegal.

This is a huge shift in support in just the last year. Back in April CBS New found the country split 45-45 on the issue of legalization. We also saw a similarly large surge in support in Gallup’s latest poll. Support for legalization does not just appear to growing, it appears to be accelerating.

All indications are that support for legalization will continue to grow in the future. The only age group which still oppose legalization are people over the age of 65 and to put it bluntly that group is slowly being replaced by a younger generation that favors reform.

Overwhelmingly the country also thinks marijuana policy should be left up to the individual states. The CBS News poll found 62 percent don’t want the federal government to get in the way of what states are doing on this issue.

Jon Walker is the author of After Legalization: Understanding the future of marijuana policy in America

Photo by eggrole under Creative Commons license