A new WSJ/NBC poll finds 55% of Americans favor changing their state’s law to allow adults to purchase marijuana

There should be no doubt that in 2014 a majority of Americans now want to see marijuana legalized. Released this morning is yet another national poll proving most Americans think pot should be legal.

The latest WSJ/NBC News poll asked people if they would support changing their state’s laws to allow “adults to purchase small quantities of marijuana for their own personal use from regulated, state-licensed businesses.” It found 55 percent of the public would favor this change while 43 percent would oppose legalization in their state.

This is just the most recent poll in the last few months to confirm that the country wants to end marijuana prohibition. The CBS News poll last week found 51 percent think marijuana should be legal. The CNN poll from the beginning of the month found support for legalization at 55 percent and the Gallup poll from October put support for legalizing pot at 58 percent.

There has been a huge surge in support for marijuana reform in the past few years and all indications are that support will continue to quickly grow throughout this decade. It is not a question of if marijuana legalization will spread but only a question of how.

Jon Walker is the author of After Legalization: Understanding the future of marijuana policy

Image by medcannaman under Creative Commons license