Now that President Obama has been caught lying about marijuana rescheduling his team is trying to do damage control. Assistant Press Secretary Matt Lehrich is trying desperately trying to bend the truth to make it seem like what Obama said was misunderstood instead of completely false. From Twitter:

This is pure nonsense.

One of the many falsehoods was Obama said, “first of all, what is and isn’t a Schedule One narcotic is a job for Congress.” This is not what Obama believes because that is not how his administration has run drug policy during his tenure.

His administration has repeatedly made certain drugs Schedule I without going through Congress. For example eight months ago his administration permanently placed Methylone in Schedule I and just the last month his administration moved to temporarily place 14 other drugs in Schedule I. He is not actually like this is Congress job.

More importantly, while there are rules “undergirding” this executive determination it is clear from the law that marijuana shouldn’t be qualified Schedule I. Multiple studies have shown marijuana is medically useful so it shouldn’t be legally classified as having “no currently accepted medical use.” This is why several sitting governors officially petitioned for the Obama administration to remove marijuana from schedule I as the science and law requires.

The rules undergirding the Controlled Substance Act aren’t preventing the administration from rescheduling marijuana. In fact, it is the exact opposite. The administration has been ignoring and legally fighting efforts to make it follow the rules on this issue.