Here is a great reminder that over-the-top anti-marijuana scare tactics aren’t yet dead. The Drug Free America Foundation claims marijuana legalization will turn the country into a “lazy, drugged out zombie nation.” From their Twitter:

I have no idea how they justify this claim that legalization will send use skyrocketing. We know that marijuana use rates in the Netherlands, where marijuana is defacto legal, are lower than in the United States. Similarly, American teens claim it is easier to get marijuana than it is for Dutch teens. So far they have not publicly posted the data to back up this claim.

The thing that most annoys me about this piece of propaganda, though, is that it shows no real understanding about what zombies are. By this point, I’m used to drug warriors being incredibly wrong about drug policy, but not about classic cinema.

The problem with zombies is not that they are lazy, what makes zombies scary is they are probably the least lazy monsters in mythology. As undead beings, their hunt for brains is unrelenting because they never sleep. They never give up. They never deviate from their goal. Even if they lose limbs they will keep crawling forward. If you ask me, that is real determination!

The idea of lazy zombies doesn’t even make sense. Unless Drug Free America is trying to claim marijuana gives you an insatiable hunger for brains the whole message is not well thought out.

Jon Walker is the author of After Legalization: Understanding the future of marijuana policy