While the legal recreational market in Colorado has been up and running since the beginning of January, things have been moving noticeably slower in Washington State. Residents of the Evergreen State won’t need to wait much longer though to start buying weed from legal recreational stores.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board recently finished one of its last important pieces of regulation and announced it will begin issuing licenses for producers and processors in March. Once the regulated growers start producing a crop that will allow licensed marijuana retail stores to open. The WSLCB believes the first marijuana stores should be open for business this summer.

The WSLCB decided that entities may only posses one producer license. While the rules allow for up to three licenses per licensee, the board chose to restrict every entity to one license given the incredibly high volume of applications.

The board plans to limit the total production of marijuana in the state to prevent possibly violating the Department of Justice’s August memo on marijuana laws. Among the things the DOJ is closely monitoring is whether or not marijuana from legal states is going to be diverted to states where it is still prohibited, so the board wants to keep legal supply close to local demand.