From the WSLCB meeting via their communications twitter account

While Colorado’s recreational marijuana system has been up and fully running for two months now, things are moving a bit slower in Washington state. At a meeting on Wednesday the Washington State Liquor Control Board finally issued its very first license to produce and process recreational marijuana.

The lucky recipient of this first license to grow recreational marijuana in Washington was Sean Green of Spokane, who will operate his business under the trade name Kouchlock Productions. The company received a restricted tier-three license, the highest license currently offered, which allows them to have up to 21,000 square feet of dedicated plant canopy.

Because the agency received thousand of applications the WSLCB recently decided to limit individuals/businesses to just one license each.

Now that companies have started to received their licenses to start growing legal marijuana in Washington, the state is on track to begin allowing adults to buying recreational marijuana from licensed stores this summer.

Jon Walker is the author of After Legalization: Understanding the future of marijuana policy