An incredible 72 percent of Delaware voters under the age of 35 want to put an end to marijuana prohibition

The list of states where a majority support marijuana legalization keeps growing at a rapid pace with Delaware becoming the latest addition.

A majority( 51 percent) of Delaware voters would support legalizing and regulating marijuana like alcohol according a new PPP poll sponsored by the Marijuana Policy Project. Only 42 percent of voters would opposed adopting a law similar to those in Colorado and Washington State.

Giving the demographic breakdown, legalization in Delaware appears inevitable. Senior Citizens are the only age group that opposes legalization while an incredible 72 percent of voters under the age of 35 want to put an end to  marijuana prohibition.

Even among opponents of legalization there is still strong support for decriminalization of marijuana. The poll also found 68 percent of voters would support making marijuana possession punishable with only a $100 fine. Even a majority of Seniors think current law which carries the possibility of jail time for marijuana possession is bad policy.

Jon Walker is the author of After Legalization: Understanding the future of marijuana policy

Photo by Blind Nomad under Creative Commons license