Most Satisfied U.S. Communities

Marijuana reform friendly Colorado is apparently full of satisfied people according to Gallup. The Fort Collins-Loveland is the urban area where most people said they were satisfied with their local community from 2012-2013, and Boulder, CO took the fourth place spot. This gives Colorado the impressive honor of being the only state to have two cities in the top ten.

Half the data for Gallup’s analysis comes from 2013 when marijuana was legal for adults to use, possess and grow at home in Colorado.

I’m definitely not claiming marijuana legalization made people in Colorado noticeably more satisfied. After all, Fort Collins and Boulder have come in near the top in previous years, so they were pretty satisfied before legalization.

But looking at these numbers it should be hard for opponents to claim allowing adults to legally grow and consume marijuana at home has a detrimental effect on quality of life.

After legalization the people in Colorado’s major cities seem to be just as satisfied (if not slightly more satisfied) than they were before legalization. Everything seems to be going about as well as it did before.

The sky clearly hasn’t fallen, which is probably part of the reason why a growing number of Coloradans think legalization is a good idea.