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Only 30% of Colorado voters think legal marijuana will ‘erode the moral fiber’ of the state while 67% dismiss this concern

Now that recreational marijuana has been on sale for four months in Colorado a majority of voters think legalization has been good for the state. According to a new Quinnipiac poll, only 38 percent think legalization has been bad for the state while 52 percent believe it has been good for Colorado.

The poll did, though, find a small drop in overall support for Amendment 64, which legalized pot. Currently, 54 percent back the law. That is a four point drop from 58 percent in February and back to where support was in August. This could be the result a some blowback over the new stores/tourists or statistical noise. While we will need to wait for more polling to know I suspect it to be the later, since the poll also found a two point drop in the number of voters who said they ever tried marijuana. Logically speaking that is not a number which should go down in just two months, which implies either this survey slightly under sampled supporters this time or the February survey over sampled them.

Beyond this one question there is mostly good news for legalization. The poll also found 54 percent don’t think legalization has made the roads more dangerous, 53 percent think it will save the state a significant amount of money, 53 percent think it has increased personal freedom in a positive way, and 50 percent think it has had a positive impact on the criminal justice system in the state

Overwhelmingly the voters don’t think legalization has been morally damaging. Only 30 percent think legal marijuana will ‘erode the moral fiber’ of Colorado while 67 percent dismiss this concern.

Overall the voters of Colorado continue to support marijuana legalization and majority think it will have a positive impact across a variety of fronts.

Photo by Sonya Yruel/Drug Policy Alliance used with permission