Marijuana legalization has much more support than online gambling.

If the American people had to choose between making marijuana legal or making online gambling legal, they would choose pot. That was the result of a rather strange question in a new Fairleigh Dickinson University Poll.

If forced to make one legal, 52 percent would prefer to see marijuana legalized everywhere, while only 20 percent would prefer instead to see online gambling approved.

This is because, in general, marijuana legalization has much more support than online gambling. The poll found only 27 percent would favor permitting online gambling in their state while 63 percent oppose this change.

On the other hand, a plurality believe marijuana should be legal. The poll found 50 percent favor legalizing marijuana for recreational use while only 44 percent oppose marijuana legalization.

The poll also found that the American people are paying significant attention to what is happening in Colorado and Washington state. 58 percent say they have read/heard “a lot” about state legalization efforts and another 28 percent say heard “some” about the new laws.

Jon Walker is the author of After Legalization: Understanding the future of marijuana policy

Image by Tim Mitchell under Creative Commons license