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December 09, 2011

Colorado Voters Think Marijuana Should Be Legal 49% – 40%

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A plurality of Colorado voters think the use of marijuana should be legal according to the most recent PPP poll of the state. From PPP:

In general, do you think that marijuana usage should be legal or illegal?
Legal …………. 49%
Illegal ………… 40 %
Not sure ……… 10%

A majority of both Democrats (64-36) and Independents (54-34) think marijuana should be legal but Republicans remain mostly opposed to the idea by a margin of 30 – 61. Not surprisingly voters under the age of 30 strongly back legalization (72-24) while senior citizens want marijuana to remain illegal (32-58).

This is effectively unchanged since August when PPP asked the same question and found 51% legal – 38% illegal. The small drop in support being within the poll’s 3.5% margin of error.

The poll is especially important because soon voters of Colorado will likely officially decide on the legal status of marijuana because the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol has recently turned in enough signatures to get their initiative qualified for the ballot.

With support and opposition to the concept of marijuana legalization so close in the polls, the initiative will succeed or fail by a very slim margin depending on who actually turns out to vote.

The good news for marijuana legalization advocates is that unlike 2010 when Proposition 19 narrowly lost in California, 2012 is a presidential election so there should be much higher turnout among young voters.

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