Where’s McCain – at least during one particular set of 24 hours?

There is a video racing around the internet of John McCain giving a speech in Independence, MO yesterday. It’s been sliced, diced, slowed down, speeded up and analyzed by lots and lots of armchair doctors(no worse than Bill Frist, I guess). I’m not going to get into what I think is going on there. What I find interesting is this: John McCain finished his speech, as well or badly as he did, behaved in a very confused "how the hell do I get off the stage" way and was led out. That speech was given at 10 a.m. He and Miss CindyLou were scheduled to appear at a fundraising dinner in Los Angeles last night. Late in the afternoon(as reported by others here), emails were going out which indicated that Sarah Palin was going to be the speaker. This morning, John McCain was scheduled to give a town hall in Denver. He also appeared on Fox and Friends talking about how ‘life isn’t fair." So, my question IS: What happened to John McCain between 10 a.m. yesterday morning…and this morning? Where was he? Was he taken to a hospital for tests? Was he medicated? Because you KNOW that if he could have made that fundraising dinner in LA, he would have done that. But he didn’t. And the campaign sent Sarah instead. The Lost 24 Hours – where was Johnny Mac?

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