Is A Flea Circus A Good Idea ?

"Flea Circus"
"Flea Circus" by Roebot on flickr

I was playing with this beagle dog named Ole Dude. He  showed up at my door out of the blue one day and refused to leave. He was probably someones’ hunting dog. I surmised  the dog was probably out hunting one day and  said “I’m to Old For This Shit”. I put  an ad in the local paper and picture on line ,still no takers. I tried to give him to my sister. She said the dog was older than she was. So his name became Ole Dude. I did not want to take him to the pound, because they would be trying to send him to heaven.

I was giving him a bath, I discovered a real flea circus on him. I laughed because I had what you call an epiphany. What if The clown Posse  and The magicians  on the  Right failed to realize that their side show Flea Circus Called The Tea Party  contains real fleas. Wikipedia says:

Techniques with real fleas

“Fleas live only for a short time and are not trained.

Fleas are separated by jumping and running fleas. Once sorted, they are harnessed by carefully wrapping a thin gold wire around the neck of the flea.[1] Once in the harness the fleas usually stay in it for life. The harnesses are attached to the props and the strong legs of the flea allows them to move objects significantly larger than themselves.

Jumping fleas are used for kicking small lightweight balls. They are carefully given a ball; when they try to jump away (which is not possible because of the harness) they shoot the ball instead. Running fleas are used to pull small carts and vehicles or to rotate a Ferris wheel.[2]

There are historical reports of fleas glued to the base of the flea circus enclosure, instruments were then glued to the flea performers and the enclosure was heated. The fleas fought to escape giving the impression of fleas playing musical instruments.[3]

Techniques without real fleas

Some flea circuses may appear to use real fleas, but don’t. A variety of electrical, magnetic, and mechanical devices have been used to augment exhibits. In some cases these mechanisms are responsible for all of the “acts,” with loose fleas in the exhibit maintaining the illusion.Some flea circuses do not contain any fleas at all and the experience and skill of the performer convince the audience of their existence

The Flea Circus came into existent because of populist outrage of the Wall Street Bailout. The Right used AstroTurf to channel that outrage  against Obama (the Blue Dog Democrat) and The TARP Bailout. This Corporate Flea Circus was created by a   major out of the box Clown Dick Armey (America Cross Roads Group)  and others. At the time there were arguments about using real fleas in the circus by Dick Armey, Trent Lott, Jim Demint, and Carl Rove.  One Flea In particular Called( Sarah Palin) that old  John McCain Scratched off in a panic and thought it was a good idea to make her his running mate. Carl Rove  had to go on Russ Limbaugh(One of the main fleas in this Flea circus) and apologize for calling  her out  a tick.

They had a  flea circus  march on Washington by The Big Tick Glenn Beck. They have  Avant-gard Flea Circus  commentary on all the main media outlets. Even Though( BO)  The White House Dog gets his daily bath ,he still scratch from a bite that  he knows is coming.  As for his Blue Dog Owner(Obama) he kept ignoring the flea circus problems.

The Flea Circus begin to turn on their master and they ran their own flea candidates from The Tall Grass Of Ignorance. They got rid of most of the Blue Dogs from The House Of Representatives because they could not  find a meat tenderizer. Still some on the Right and Left believes they want real fleas in this circus. In related news they finally discoverd that Glenn Beck was a crazy tick and not a flea.  So the fleas at Faux Muse had to let him go.

John Boehner  have a serious Flea Circus Problem in The House Of Representatives. I noticed from all the scratching and the change in the color of his skin that flea collar and spray in not working.  They are running a lot of Flea Circus Candidates. The jumping fleas, The dumb fleas, The tick like fleas, The flip flop fleas, The name call fleas and the flea imitators.

The Blue Dog Democrat  that scratching in the White House forgot that most of  Flea Circus  political life span is two years. His political life span in The White House might just be four. While they are sitting around scratching in Washington I am giving Ole Dude a Bath ,a new flea and tick collar just in case. Now If I can Just find that cat of mine.

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