I blame the left for the sorry state of the health care bill in congress.

I’m not going to appear popular after making this remark. The left deserves SOME blame in the face of a congress that appears dominated by conservatives.

Yes, people we still have a conservative congress. In 2006 and 2008 the people merely changed some of the uniforms of the players in congress from R to D.

Look at the vote to pass the Stupak amendment as an emblem of this
conservative congress. The conservative Democrats formed a coalition
with the conservative Republicans to widely pass a Stupak amendment
to vastly limit paying for a legal medical procedure called abortion.

This conservative coalition stands to pass a hulking health care bill
that appears a large version of Medicare part D. Medicare part D does
not help the middle class and this health care change will also not
help the middle class but will reward insurance companies and drug
companies. When the middle class complains the conservative Democrats
and the republicans will say it does help the poor, once again
dividing the poor against the middle class, one of the aims of conservatives.

I blame the left for leaving the corporations that fund these
conservatives harmless in the game called contributing to congress and
getting your legislation enacted into law that benefits corporations.

Yes, in a system where money appears the most important factor I blame
the left for not attacking these corporations that fund conservatives
with withering boycotts to drag their CEOS kicking and screaming into a political arena they pay for legislation, and forcing these CEOs to get us the legislation we want or they go bankrupt.

Sure we get some token boycotts of Rush Limbaugh and Beck, but those 2 idiots do not vote on legislation.

So yes, the Republiklan party deserves a lot of blame but so does the
left for poo pooing consumer boycotts against conservative funding companies like Rite Aid, American Express, Bank Of America, Wendy’s, Tyson Foods, Dominos Pizza, Curves for women’s health clubs who keep progressive citizens out of the game. Oh yeah I’m looking forward to single payer passing this year. LOL

Gandhi and Mandela roasted their opponents with boycotts of the friends of the regimes they eventually threw out.

We need to do this in CorpAmerica.

I blame myself for not convincing people like you to hold these companies accountable with boycotts.


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