Terrorists target Peace Now

Last week, ultra right-wing Jewish extremists attempted to kill one of Israel’s most dedicated and well-known peacemakers.

In a shocking incident, Peace Now activist and renowned Professor Zeev Sternhell was wounded by a pipe bomb outside his home in Israel last week. A flyer found at the scene read, "A prize of 1.1 million shekels is offered to anyone who kills a member of Peace Now."

That’s a bounty of $300,000 on the head of any one of the 200,000 supporters of Peace Now in Israel.

The work that Americans for Peace Now has done regarding ongoing Israeli settlement construction has helped redefine the political landscape on settlements – and helped lawmakers in Israel and the U.S. realize the necessity of halting Israeli settlement expansion in order to bring about a lasting peace with the Palestinians through a two-state solution.

Americans for Peace Now have responded with courage, issuing this statement: "Intimidation and terror will not deter Peace Now."

It’s time for those of us who stand for peace between the Israelis and Palestinians to send a message of solidarity. Making a gift to Peace Now will help them continue their work both in Israel and in the United States as tireless advocates in bringing about a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. You can make a gift to Peace Now here.

Here’s some more information on the incident.

This flyer found near the bomb site reads: "A prize of 1.1 million shekels is offered to anyone who kills a member of Peace Now. The State of Israel has turned into our enemy. The time has come to establish a Halachic state in Judea and Samaria! It is time for the Kingdom of Judea!"

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Full disclosure: I work for an organization with a very similar perspective to Americans for Peace Now called J Street. If you’d like to learn more about J Street, the political voice of the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement, visit us at our website.

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