Oregon – Measure 80

FAILED: 46.3% – 53.7% ✗

» Final Results

Oregon voters rejected The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (OCTA), which would have legalized and regulated marijuana for people 21 and older, making it commercially available through state-licensed stores. This law was to provide a new revenue stream to the state, while ensuring that no more Oregon tax dollars are wasted enforcing marijuana prohibition. [OCTA2012.org]


Oregon's Marijuana Legalization Initiative Trailing 42% to 49%
10/30/2012 – Jon Walker, Just Say Now

Oregon's Marijuana Legalization Measure Trailing by Four
09/18/2012 – Jon Walker, Just Say Now

2012: Historic Year for Marijuana Reform on the Ballot
09/14/2012 – Jon Walker, Just Say Now

Marijuana Legalization Qualifies for Ballot in Oregon
07/16/2012 – Jon Walker, Just Say Now

Oregon Organizers Begin Push to Put Marijuana Legalization on 2012 Ballot
03/29/2011 – Jon Walker, Just Say Now

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