Marijuana Legalization More Popular Than Obama or Romney in Colorado

By: Monday October 15, 2012 8:27 am

Amendment 64, which would legalize marijuana and regulate it like alcohol in Colorado, continues to hold a narrow lead. The most recent SurveyUSA poll for the Denver Post found that 48 percent plan to vote for the initiative while 43 percent plan to vote against it. As expected, the polling has tightened up as we [...]

Colorado: Where Obama, Romney, and Pot Collide

By: Tuesday August 21, 2012 9:47 am

Across the country millions Americans are going to be voting this November on marijuana reform. Initiatives about marijuana will likely be on the ballot in at least seven states and numerous cities. Voters in Massachusetts, North Dakota, and Arkansas will likely be deciding on whether or not to approve marijuana for medical use in their [...]

Massachusetts Politicians Show Little Interest in Fighting Marijuana Reform

By: Thursday July 26, 2012 10:04 am

I find this article in the Boston Herald a very interesting reflection of how quickly the politics of marijuana have changed in just the past few years. The back story is that in 2008 Question 2, a ballot initiative to decriminalize marijuana possession, made it on the ballot in Massachusetts. The measure was actively opposed [...]

Dear Mitt Romney, Not Everyone With Multiple Sclerosis Can Afford $100,000 Ballet Horses

By: Wednesday June 13, 2012 12:19 pm

Ann Romney, the wife of the Republican President candidate Mitt Romney, has suffered from multiple sclerosis for years.  She claims taking part in dressage, aka horse ballet, has greatly helped relieve the debilitating symptoms of her disease.  Fortunately for her, the Romneys own several such horses, each valued at roughly $100,000, including one that may [...]

Romney Really Doesn’t Want to Talk About Medical Marijuana

By: Friday May 11, 2012 12:25 pm

While in Colorado, local CBS Denver reporter Shaun Boyd asked Mitt Romney about his position on medical marijuana and the candidate was not happy. Romney became visibly upset about the question. He repeatedly interrupted the reporter and chided her for even asking him about it. (exchange starts at 2:13) Reporter: Should marijuana be legalized for [...]

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