White House Issues Truly Pathetic Non-Response to Petition About State Marijuana Legalization Laws

By: Wednesday January 9, 2013 8:27 am

The White House’s “We the People” petition site could have potentially been an interesting method for two-way communication between voters and the administration. Sadly the administration’s response to most petitions has rarely been anything more than to recycle old talking points. Even by that already low standard, the new response from the White House regarding [...]

White House Offers Dismissive Response to Marijuana Petitions

By: Monday October 31, 2011 9:44 am

Since the Obama White House started the We the People petition site, the petition system has been dominated by requests related to marijuana legalization and medical marijuana. The Obama administration promised to formally respond to petitions with enough signatures — 25,000, raised from 5,000.  So last week as part of the late Friday news dump [...]

Top 10 Schools Leading Just Say Now Marijuana Legalization Petition Drive

By: Tuesday September 14, 2010 10:11 am

One month into the Just Say Now Campus Challenge, see which 10 Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) chapters are leading the pack in the competition to collect marijuana legalization petition signatures.

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